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Suits by Sassy - Suit Washing Instructions

Hand wash your suit in cold water and Woolite. Never soak for more then 8-10 minutes. Gently squeeze out excess water before laying flat on a towel. Never wring out your suit! Never dry clean your suit.

Pay special attention if you have pearls on your suit. After the evening show wipe off your pearls with water and a cloth. Be sure to fully wash your suit soon after you compete. Do not let your suit sit in the bag, covered in tanner, for weeks and months. It will ruin the pearls if they have tanner on them.

We will wash your suit for a fee of $30

Stones- It is common for a few stones to fall off occasionally. You can glue them back on with fabric glue or send your suit back to us and we will replace them for a fee.


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