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Figure Suits

Shown here are some of our previous two piece suits to help and provide an idea of what we can do. Every one of our suits is original and specifically designed between the client and the design team. An entry level suit is between $200-$400 and the designs are usually pretty basic but still gorgeous. Our upper level suits start at $500 and are custom made to suit the individual client. These suits are totally "blinged-out" and are worth the extra expense!

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Red velvet w/ pearls and lots of red and clear stones Navy blue velvet dark pink velvet Light green shiny side view
Black suit with lots of colored stones Blue shiny with swirls Neon green with fading stones Green shiny
Lots of clear,pearls and red stones
with top connectors Black velvet swirl Green shiny with lots of clear stones Dark purple velvet with clear and AB stones Blue Velvet Flower Figure Purple Figure with Clear and AB swirls
Blue Figure blue velvet figure Blue Figure with pearls Green with swirls Red Shiny with clear Teal Velvet Red velvet figure with clear stones Pink shiny figure
Green Tye Dye with clear and green stones Red shiny Figure with clear swirls Purple Shiny figure with flower design Blue Shiny Figure with clear stones Blue Shiny Figure with swirls Green Shiny w/clear and purple stones Red velvet Purple velvet tye dye Purple Shiny swirl figure Dark pink shiny swirl
Purple shiny swirl figure Purple velvet with pink, green and AB stones $900 Pink hologram figure with tons of clear and AB stones $1200
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