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Sizing Guides

If possible come out in person to be fitted. It is much quicker, easier and a ton more fun!!!!!

The Top
First you need to decide if you want a 1piece top or a 2 piece top. The 1 piece top offers more push up and sizes tend to run a little on the smaller side. The 2 piece top has a seam down the middle and offers a more rounded top. Both are great for all women.


When determining the size top you would like you need to measure from the top of the triangle straight down the center of the triangle. This will help determine if you want a taller triangle top or a shorter triangle. The shorter triangle is better for petite women. Next you need to measure across the bottom of the triangle. This will help determine how much coverage you want on the breast including the side of the breast (side breast showing is bad.)


The Bottom
The 1 piece front does not have a seam down the middle. The 2 piece front does. All of our bottoms have at a V shape to them in the front and the back. When measuring the bottoms you need to measure across the bottoms right below that V. Move down 3 inches from that and measure across again. When looking at the order forms you will see two measurements along with each type of bottom. The first width number reperesents the measurement just below the V. The second width measurement represents the width across the suit 3 inches below the V.


Choose Suit Cut
Below are the possible Fronts that Suits By Sassy Offers:

Below are the possible backs that Suits By Sassy Offers:

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