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Lots of exciting thing's are happening here at SBS! We are now offering a suit trade-in program.  If you would like to bring or send us your CLEAN SBS suit then we can give you credit toward the purchase of a new suit.  We will evaluate the used suit and together come up with a fair amount and credit your account.  You can use your suit credit whenever you are ready, it never expires!  At this point we are only accepting our suits for both men and women.

Hi Ladies,
Kristin from Suits By Sassy here. Just wanted to let everyone know we have completely re-done our website! There are still a few small things that we change, but we are pretty much done. We would love to have some new pictures of you ladies in our suits. So if you have pictures that you would like us to add please email them to us. You can use the email on our site or my personal email If you have a testimonial you would like us to add that would be great also!
We are always trying to grow and change as a company, so we are proud to announce our new bikini and men's bodybuilding suit lines! Again, we need to get some more pictures up, but we waiting to get some from competitors. We are also excited to be co-sponsoring some up-coming shows in the area as well as across the United States. Some if the local shows we are sponsoring are: the Grand Rapids show May 19th, the Ron Love Hall of Fame Classic June 23rd, and the Great Lakes/Ironman Natural September 29th and many more. We are also advertising in the July Issue of Oxygen on news stands June 16th.
There is an exciting new suit sponsorship opportunity we are developing for the Great Lakes/Ironman Natural. We will be sponsoring at least 1 figure girl and possibly a bikini girl with an amazing top of the line suit! This suit will be pro-level, custom made for the chosen girl. Look for details on the Michigan NPC News Website and Facebook page soon. We hope to get all the details worked out in the next week and start the search the best, most deserving competitor to represent Suits By Sassy.
As always we are Airbrush tanning girls for local shows as well. I offer discounts for multiple tanning sessions or group rates and referrals. Right now i'm setting up appointments for the May 19th show. Please contact me if your interested. As part of the Suits By Sassy brand we are actually working on branching off a completely seperate company that specializes in airbrush tanning and offers licensed hair and make-up services for the show.
So there is a lot going on here at Suits By Sassy! Please let me know if you are interested in getting a new suit, adding stones to your existing suit or are in need of tanning, hair or make-up services! We are always willing to work within your price range and are happy to help!
Thanks, Kristin and Sandy
Suits By Sassy


April 24th, 2012 - We have completely revamped the entire site. The new design will allow us to better showcase our newest items, as well as keep in touch with our customers. Take a look around, and tell us what you think.

July 30th 2011 - Suits by sassy website is fully updated

June 22nd 2011 - Kristin and Dan welcome baby Colton into the world

March 30th 2011 - New pictures have been added to our two-piece section

January 5th 2011 - Suits By Sassy is very excited for another great season! Each year we keep getting bigger and bigger, thanks to all our wonderful clients! Kristin and Dan are pregnant and ready to welcome their first baby into the world June 12th 2011

May 29th 2010 - Julie Palmers Ultimate Fitness, Figure & Bikini Showdown

March 4th 2010 - Kristin places 5th at Arnold Amateur Bikini Division 

July 11th 2009 - Kristin marries Dan Nouhan

June 30th 2009 - Julie Palmer's ultimate Fitness, Bikini, Figure, and Bodybuilding Championships. Kristin switches to Bikini division and takes 2nd place

May 2nd 2009 - NPC Pittsburgh Show - Kristin 8th place figure

April 25th 2009 -  Flint/ Mid Michigan NPC Show -Sandy 4th place figure and Kristin 5th place figure. The Flint Journal did an article about Kristin and Sandy and you can check it out here. You can also see Kristin's NPC profile here. The new materials page is up. Check out all of our new selections!

April 25th 2009 - Kristin and Sandy first show Flint Mid-Michigan. Pam Soper and the YMCA girls will be competing also

Arnold Expo 2009 - Suits By Sassy girl wins 2nd Place in First Ever Bikini Division! Congratulations Sonya!

March 28th - Novice Michigan Bodybuilding, fitness and Figure (First Michigan show of the year). Suits by Sassy has 5 suits in the show!!

March 7th - Arnold Expo-Bikini Division Debut!!

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