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Order Forms

If possible we prefer if first time competitiors come out in person for their first fitting.  This makes the process much quicker, easier and of course more fun!  You can see the fabrics in person, try on suits and we will measure you ourself. 

If you are unable to come out in person, no worries. I would reccommed you give us a call and we can walk you through the fitting process.  We will just need a few simple measurments along with some photos. The order forms can seem very overwhelming and it really isnt that bad :)

Below are the Suits By Sassy order forms. Be sure to check out the measurment and sizing guide to assist you.

Suits By Sassy - Women's Bikini Order Form

Suits By Sassy - Women's Figure/Bodybuilding Order Form

Suits By Sassy - Men's Bodybuilding Order Form

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