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Professional Competition Airbrush Tanning with Sassy!

The Sassy Company uses only Jan Tana products, the leader in competition tanning. We are also the show sponsored airbrush tanning company for many of the NPC's events this year. Check our schedule in the "News" section of our webpage to see if we are going to be at your next show.  If not, don't worry. We also make in-home appointments to tan competitors for most shows. Call to schedule your appointment and hold your spot!

We use Jantana tanning products and recommend ordering Jantana exfoliating scrub.  You can order the exfoliating scrub from, it is approximately $12.99.  If you choose to exfoliate with another product please choose something with a short list of ingredients and no perfumes or oils. Jantana is the preferred exfoliating product and offers the best tanning results.


Hair and Makeup Services

The Sassy Company offers professional hair and make-up services at all show sponsored events. Take the stress out of your show day, have a professional take over so you can just relax! Make-up includes lashes. Call to schedule your appointment for your show day experience.


 Jan Tana Products

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Tanning Directions:

All competitors should exfoliate a minimum of 3 times the week of their show.  Be sure to pay special attention to your neck, chest and back when exfoliating.

On the day of your tan (usually Friday) shower, shave and exfoliate.  You will not be able to shower or shave after I tan you.  Ladies, you can wash your hair in the sink after you tan if you want to.  It is recommended that all competitors shave their arms for the best tanning results.

*If you choose to wax instead of shaving, please do so at least 4 days before your tanning session.

Important- when you get out of the shower on Friday, NO DEODORANT, lotion or perfume of any kind!

Your Tanning session

  • *You will need to schedule a tanning appointment for Friday, your appointment will last approx. 2 hrs.  Generally competitors are done in 1.5 hrs but we say 2 hours just to be safe.   You will be tanned alone in your own personal tent. No one can accompany you into the tanning area.
  • Bikini, Figure and Women’s Bodybuilding will tan nude. Men’s Bodybuilding should bring an ankle sock to wear during tanning.  Men’s Physique should bring underwear to wear during tanning process.
  • Bikini & Men’s Physique- you will get a full tan on Friday and only touch-ups on Saturday
  • Bodybuilding, Figure and Women's Physique- you will get a third and final coat the morning of the show. These will be done on a first come, first serve basis. No appointment is needed.
  • Touchups, Glaze and Bikini Bite are included in your Tanning Package.

                                      If you are a first time competitor and are nervous or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call

  • *If for some reason you are unable to tan on Friday special accommodations can be made. Please call Kristin 586-481-5994


Below are some examples of our Tanning, Hair, and Makeup Services



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